Why You Date Who You Date: Evolutionary Psychology Explains

He devoted his youth to his work and in his 30s decided to marry his cousin. Instead, the piece is about sex differences and a batch of newer studies suggesting men and women are more alike than scientists had assumed — especially when it comes to promiscuity and pickiness. This should have been a great story. But the author, Dan Slater, tries to turn these sex difference studies into an attempted debunking of evolutionary psychology. The piece not only fails to make a compelling case but gives only a superficial treatment of the science presented. Slater names three influential figures in shaping and popularizing an evolutionary view of human behavior — Robert Trivers, David Buss and Steven Pinker. The piece also tries to make the case that a more symmetrical view of male and female sexual desires would somehow disprove the role of evolution in human behavior. But why? In many animals, the males and females are quite parallel in choosiness and promiscuity. Are those animals shaped any less by evolution?

Evolutionary Psychology of Dating and Mating

The present study examined peer victimization among adolescents from an evolutionary psychological perspective. With reference to sexual selection, life history theory, and attachment research, we investigated whether anxious and avoidant attachment was related directly and indirectly, through their effect on dating and sexual history, to physical, verbal, or relational victimization in adolescence.

As predicted, avoidant attachment was indirectly related to both relational and verbal victimization for girls only, through the effects of number of dating or sexual partners.

EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY. Darwinian dating: Baby, I’m your natural selection. Looking for love? Sharpen up your game with a little evolutionary cunning.

Her job involves incorporating theory and academic research into customer analysis, building a conceptual framework for insights into online consumer behavior. The counter-intuitive truth is that Tinder actually provides users with all the information they need to make an informed first impression about a potential long-term mate. And it does so by matching our human evolutionary mechanism. Although we always ascribe our decisions to a rational, conscious-brain motivation, this supposed motivation is never the entire reason for our decisions; in fact, it often has nothing to do with it!

We like to think of ourselves as rational human beings that base our decisions on logical processes, but most of our decisions occur unconsciously and based on minimal information. Tinder exposes its users to two types of factors: rational Geographical Distance and Age and emotional Appearance and Requited Interest. Each of these factors makes a unique contribution to the decision making process.

A Mind Of Her Own: The Evolutionary Psychology of Women

Picture a woman in her early 20s, with smooth and glowing skin, shiny hair, full lips, and bright eyes. She has a perfect body figure and her voluptuous hips sway gracefully as she walks past by. Why does this type of woman appeal to men? It comes as no surprise, then, if a horde of men is lining up to impress and date the woman described above.

In evolutionary psychology and behavioral ecology, human mating strategies are a set of or as a spouse. Dating rules may vary across different cultures, and some societies may even replace the dating process by a courtship instead.

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A beautiful, charismatic companion will help ease you into conversations with prospective dates.

Darwin Was Wrong About Dating

While dating and personal ads have been around for decades, the way we meet the people we date has changed dramatically in the last five years. Dating apps such as Tinder have captured a large portion of the online dating market. These apps, but especially Tinder, have transformed the way we represent ourselves online when we date. Tinder is one of the first dating apps specifically designed for mobile phones as opposed to a full dating website.

Launched in across college campuses, it has quickly become the most used dating app in the world, with more than 10 million daily active users. On Tinder, date seekers upload profile photos and concise bios between characters long.

Okay, but on the other hand, as Bencze observes, evolution could also explain the opposite: If the man doesn’t pay there’s an evolutionary reason.

But I finally got over the hump, and came up with the best evo psych books:. Ghodsee Summary Audiobook. Indeed, most other evolutionary psychologists either deny, misunderstand, or choose to ignore that men, even while pursuing individualistic goals and fighting among themselves, can sometimes, and do sometimes act as if they wre a homogenous group.

So, yeah, feminists are not fully wrong about everything. And evolutionary psychology authors should stop reacting to a biased world view with more bias on their own. Pinker Summary Audiobook. Drawing from both evolutionary psychology and the computational theory of mind, Pinker sets out to explain the intricacies of the human mind, from cognition, to categorization, to social intelligence.

How men and women choose their profile pictures on Tinder (according to evolutionary psychology)

Evolutionary psychologists who study mating behavior often begin with a hypothesis about how modern humans mate: say, that men think about sex more than women do. Then they gather evidence — from studies, statistics and surveys — to support that assumption. Lately, however, a new cohort of scientists have been challenging the very existence of the gender differences in sexual behavior that Darwinians have spent the past 40 years trying to explain and justify on evolutionary grounds.

Of course, no fossilized record can really tell us how people behaved or thought back then, much less why they behaved or thought as they did.

It comes as no surprise, then, if a horde of men is lining up to impress and date the woman described above. But an evolutionary psychologist.

Explains everything and its opposite! If, as a result of this, the woman shoots the man, then the evolutionary reason is obvious: she thereby decimates the male population of deadbeats and via group selection improves the lives of all women. Seriously, why does the nonsense persist? Legacy media survived the tsunami of the internet and they are living in the flotsam and jetsam that have washed up around them, unable to move beyond it. See also: Darwinian conniptions over domestic violence.

The recent anti-Semitic outburst in evolutionary psychology. Can sex explain evolution? Just spitballing here. Perhaps it is motivated by the same impulse that propeled the Gnostics. There is a sort of thrill associated with holding secret esoteric knowledge. The Gnostic gospels quickly wither under scrutiny.

Still, a theory that explains genocide and selfless altruism with equal alacrity is a bit much and one wonders why anyone takes it seriously. It seems to me that the just-so story presented by Fisher is at least plausible, where the one Bencze relates is much less so.

Tinder and evolutionary psychology: The science behind what men and women swipe for, and why

A sample of research on mate preferences across countries, preference biases in candidate selection, cue visibility and task switching, and persuasion by nonhuman artificial agents. The study findings are published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. Los Angeles Times: Of all of the ways men try to impress the ladies, from big wallets to big muscles, here is one that has finally been quantified by science. Across two studies, psychological scientists Samantha Joel and Geoff More.

Print publication date: November Online publication date: January Most evolutionary psychology approaches further postulate that men and.

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The dating mind: evolutionary psychology and the emerging science of human courtship.

In evolutionary psychology and behavioral ecology , human mating strategies are a set of behaviors used by individuals to select, attract, and retain mates. Mating strategies overlap with reproductive strategies, which encompass a broader set of behaviors involving the timing of reproduction and the trade-off between quantity and quality of offspring. Relative to those of other animals, human mating strategies are unique in their relationship with cultural variables such as the institution of marriage.

The human desire for companionship is one of the strongest human drives. It is an innate feature of human nature and may be related to the sex drive. The human mating process encompasses the social and cultural processes whereby one person may meet another to assess suitability, the courtship process and the process of forming an interpersonal relationship.

TABLE B Descriptive Statistics of Dating Preferences Items and Factors current study are consistent with core ideas in evolutionary psychology.

Finally, the Tinder chat is an extremely valuable asset for filtering a potential partner. Does he make a lot of spelling mistakes? Does she dominate the conversation with self-aggrandizing comments? Does he seem macho and disrespectful? It is obvious from this brief exchange that these users are interested in completely different examples. At this point, it should be easy for her to make a decision based on past experience and the understanding of the hidden meaning in his theories.

When all the data collected during the Tinder matchmaking man is compiled, the emerging picture reveals a substantive amount of relevant information. Each of the provided clues helps the user to create a valuable mental picture of the person on the other side. Interestingly, this picture is often more accurate than what we can develop with a larger amount of partner. Consider such online dating examples as Match.

Though we like to think we base our decisions on a calculated date-benefit model, the truth is for most of the time we rely on automatic unconscious theories that have nothing to do with rationality. Liraz Margalit Contributor. Liraz Margalit serves as customer experience psychologist for Clicktale , which helps theories optimize visitor interactions with their websites.

The Evolutionary Psychology of Mating and Dating

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