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March 21—April If you’re single: What a fun time to be unattached! Dating will feel exciting this year — thanks to a surplus of hotties clamoring for your attention. Once Jupiter moves into Scorpio on October 11, your heart will open up to the idea of falling in lurrrrve, and a relationship might seem more appealing. If you’re in a relationship: This is the year to take a magnifying glass to your relationship and give it a thorough assessment. Not having a blast?

No, NASA hasn’t changed the zodiac signs or added a new one

This week’s topic: your love horoscope for the weekend of March , This should be a high-energy weekend for love and that’s because the Moon spends all of her time in fun-loving and free-spirited Sagittarius. The highlights of the weekend begin on Saturday, with the Moon meeting up with Mercury and Venus in hot-blooded Aries. With all of this cosmic fire lighting up the sky, it suggests that if we want to get what we want or who we want in love, we’ll have to take a bold, heartfelt, and genuine approach.

Pisces & Sagittarius Sexual & Intimacy Compatibility. If they ever manage to end up in a physical relationship, they will have a lot of fun. As two mutable signs.

In online publications, daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes, and zodiac-themed listicles flourish. To hear more feature stories, see our full list or get the Audm iPhone app. The practice has been around in various forms for thousands of years. Millennials have taken it and run with it. Many people I spoke to for this piece said they had a sense that the stigma attached to astrology, while it still exists, had receded as the practice has grabbed a foothold in online culture, especially for young people.

In some ways, astrology is perfectly suited for the internet age. But the system has its own sort of logic. Astrology ascribes meaning to the placement of the sun, the moon, and the planets within 12 sections of the sky—the signs of the zodiac. What horoscopes are supposed to do is give you information about what the planets are doing right now, and in the future, and how all that affects each sign. I have to make sense of those conversations that are happening each month for you.

These are the most compatible zodiac sign matches for couples

Do you want your star sign to be explained in detail? Just by entering your birth date online , the sign of zodiac will be revealed. Each sign will give a specific meaning to your day as well as offer us incredible insights into any unique quality we have. A great deal of related information about yourself will be exposed immediately with just one click away.

However, there are so many skeptics who still do not believe in Astrological signs or the esoteric chart of Astrology.

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This news may be especially hard to hear for Libras, who crave balance and order. Or Leos, whose sense of self is strong. Geminis, both sides of you may be rocked. Are you sitting down? Because the zodiac has changed. What you long believed was your astrological sign may not be your astrological sign. The dates for the Western zodiac calendar have, it turns out, shifted , with each one starting later — like, a lot later.

Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

Aries: A passionate connection, both fire signs, these two can be very competitive. Outgoing, and social, it’s important to align their interests and values. Taurus: Can be frustrating. Their energies are different and move at a different pace. But there is romance and passion, which can keep them coming back to each other.

The astrological signs have shifted, according to a blog post from NASA. Here are the new zodiac sign dates to use for your next horoscope.

Capricorn is the third and final earth sign of the astrological year; it represents the pinnacle of civilization. These pets are disciplined, dedicated, and hardworking. Pets born under this sign thrive on work such as herding and throw themselves into it with much gusto and resolve. Aquarius is the third and final air sign of the astrological year. Pets born under this sign are inventive, freedom-oriented, and eccentric; they have a need to be different.

These pets definitely have a will of their own, like to roam, and may or may not listen to you. Pisces is the third and final water sign of the astrological year. Sympathetic, compassionate, understanding, and gentle, pets born under this sign are sensitive to their environment and should be trained with a light touch. Thus, pets born during this period are full of vim and vigor, anxious to be out and about exploring their world.

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Close your eyes. Imagine the perfect first date with your dream boo. Another glass? Yes, please. When your date goes to the restroom, you frantically text your friend under the table: Omg this is amazing. The evening is idyllic from start to finish, and at no point do you feel concerned about next steps.

Date nights, road trips, and weekend getaways will give you lots to bond over. Swipe away: This Jupiter cycle could bring a big win from dating.

Fear not, though, fiery Aries, because although you have Venus is your ruler, and she starts the year out in compassionate Pisces, so right away in January you have the proverbial shoulder that everyone wants to cry on. Venus loves to be in the Fish’s Your ruling planet, the communicative Mercury, starts out the year direct and then immediately goes retrograde back into Sagittarius in the first week of January. Ready to do some backtracking? It’s true that the Moon, your ruling planet, shifts often in the sky, but it’s still worth noting that it’s Full in your own sensitive sign at the beginning of January.

This Moon is part of a An early February Lunar Eclipse in your sign hints that no major changes should be made around then, yet it’s also a fortunate time due to both the Sun your ruler and Moon having compatible Jupiter Your year begins slowly with your guiding planet, Mercury, in retrograde at the beginning of January, so your resolutions may get put on hold.

Remember all of the old stuff that hadn’t been decided A Venus your ruler -Neptune conjunction in mid-January gets your year off to a compassionate start. There is a softness about you that others may try to take advantage of, so be sure to note the Your year gets off to an unbalanced start thanks to a conflicting Mars-Saturn square in the middle of January.

Cosmos speak: Know whom you should date in 2017 as per your Zodiac sign

While most people probably make their important life decisions based on, oh I don’t know, common sense and things like that, there’s a certain type of person in this world that relies on the magic of astrology to help them figure what they’re going to do. Yes, naturally we’re in the latter half of that situation – and that’s why we’re really struggling with the news that the dates assigned to our zodiac signs have changed.

Meaning we’ve all probably got a new star sign. If you want to get all technical about it, the reason for this radical change is down to the fact that the sky today is extremely different to how it was thousands of years ago, which makes sense. And because Earth’s axis no longer points in the same direction, our astrological signs are about a month out. So what does this mean for you?

This week’s topic: your love horoscope for the weekend of March , This combination is perfect for a date or another social gathering.

Virgos are arguably the most self-sufficient of the zodiac signs. They also approach most relationships from a very analytical and almost managerial position. They fluctuate between hot and cold like crazy and it makes them really difficult to read and subsequently, be with emotionally. A Scorpio can be an incredibly draining partner to be with which is why they often find themselves in and out of relationships. There are no sign more flighty , impulsive, and all over the place than a Sagittarius.

But on the flip side, it makes them nearly impossible to get to settle down. They are terrible at being still, at just existing.

Find Your Astrology Love Match

If they ever manage to end up in a physical relationship, they will have a lot of fun. As two mutable signs, there will be no end to their creativity and changes in positions, scenery and levels of commitment and intimacy. Their sex life will have ups and downs, excitements and disappointments, too many expectations and a lot of surprises. The best thing about their relationship is the positivity both partners share, and a lot of laughter and fun they will share in their sex life.

Unfortunately, the level of intimacy will rarely be satisfying for any of these partners. Since they are both ruled by Jupiter, they will be faced with their rational natures and their convictions.

We spoke with astrology expert Ophira Edut (of AstroTwin fame) to learn more about how zodiac pairings can lead Feb 10, , PM As the AstroTwins explain on their website: “If you date someone of the same sign, congratulations.

What do the stars have planned for you in ? Select your Sun sign or Ascendant sign from the dropdown menu or list below for your Horoscope. See also Overview Horoscopes for neat summaries of the year ahead for each sign, Preview Horoscopes , and Love Guides for Each Sign for forecasts in the areas of romance and relationships.

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Seasons change, friendships come and go, time passes, but the one thing that we knew for sure would be forever? Our zodiac signs. The stars in the sky — and our birthdays — are permanent. Unfortunately, NASA did not get the memo. Apparently, earlier this year, NASA quietly announced they were just going right ahead and changing the whole zodiac system without even asking anyone.

They assigned new dates to each zodiac sign AND an entire fake sign has been added. Thanks to NASA, the world is in a panic. NASA had to.

It’s a great conversation starter: “What’s your sign? The science behind astrology may have its roots in astronomy but don’t confuse these two disciplines. Astronomy can explain the position of the stars in the sky but it’s up to you to determine what, if anything, their alignment signifies. In short, as you’ll see below, your Zodiac sign is not what you think it is, and your corresponding horoscope can’t be right.

Astrologers skip a 13th constellation that also resides on the ecliptic: Ophiuchus. Babylonian astrologers, and later the Greeks, originally determined Zodiac signs by which constellation the sun was “in” on the day you were born. Early astronomers observed the sun traveling through the signs of the Zodiac in the course of one year, spending about a month in each. Thus, they calculated that each constellation extends 30 degrees across the ecliptic.

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