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You may have noticed that some formal commercial documents are called an “agreement” while others are a “deed”. Ever wondered what the difference is? Are they just different names for a contract, or do they have different requirements and effect? In this article we’ll briefly discuss what a deed is, how deeds are executed and the key differences between deeds and agreements, and then give you some practical tips on how to avoid confusing the two. A deed is a special type of binding promise or commitment to do something. The substantial requirement of a deed is that it be intended by the executing party to be the most serious indication to the community that she or he really means to do what has been agreed between the parties. The subject matter of a deed can vary greatly. It may, for instance, do one or more of the following:.

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Signing in counterpart means that duplicate contracts or deeds are printed so that there is a separate copy for signing by each party. The opposite situation is where one copy of the contract or deed is printed and signed by all parties to it. If you have numerous parties all in different locations it is a useful tool to allow completion without having to circulate a single copy of a document to all parties to sign.

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In practice, the first two requirements give rise to little difficulty and the third requirement necessitates lawful execution , which depends on the legal status of the party seeking to execute the deed. It is the fourth requirement that can give rise to greater uncertainty in practice. Whether a document is delivered as an escrow or as a deed will turn on what the parties objectively intended and will be a question of fact.

The general rule is that once a party has executed a deed, it will take effect against that party in favour of the other named parties even though it has not been executed by those other parties, unless it:. Can a non-executing party simply sign, execute and deliver the deed at a later date? Two issues may arise:. First, it may be necessary to look for evidence of prior stipulations for a subsequent or formalised agreement:.

However, if the parties are represented by lawyers:.

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The use of deeds is common in commercial transactions, so it is important to understand how to execute them correctly. There are strict requirements and if an individual, partnership or company does not follow these requirements, a court will not enforce the deed. A deed is a binding promise or commitment to do something. At its simplest, the main difference between a deed and an agreement or contract is that a deed does not require consideration i.

Therefore, deeds have strict execution requirements, and individuals, partnerships and companies these must complete them correctly or the deed will be unenforceable. For a deed to be binding under general law, the deed must:. As such, you do not need to have a seal physically placed on the document. Delivery refers to the date when a court will consider that a deed is effective.

From this date, the deed will bind the parties. However, there is typically no requirement to actually deliver the deed from one party to another. It is also important to be aware that the execution of deeds for certain types of transactions will be subject to particular requirements under legislation. For example, in New South Wales NSW , a deed passing an interest in real property has specific execution and witnessing requirements.

Many states and territories have legislation which explicitly require that someone witnesses the signing of the deed. However, even if the laws of your state and territory do not require witnesses, it is still best practice to have a witness, as it serves as evidence of the actual execution of the deed as it appears.

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Paul McMahon Registration. The registration of deeds system is the older system of land registration. It does not register the ownership of title. It registers the relative priority of deeds and documents. The registration of deed system is being phased out. Since June , all counties in the Republic of Ireland have been subject to compulsory title registration in the Land Registry.

Is it a deed, or is it an agreement – and does it really matter? whether a deed can be executed in counterparts (this is a technical argument.

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Here are some useful tips for signing an Australian deed correctly. than the date of its signature if there is no other statement to indicate otherwise. a counterpart clause that overrides the assumption that the deed will take.

Related Content. This note provides an overview of the law and practice relating to the execution of simple contracts and deeds under the laws of England and Wales. It includes a summary of when a written contract may be necessary, the main differences between simple contracts and deeds, those transactions for which a deed is required, the legal formalities for creating a valid deed and the procedure to follow when exchanging executed documents by virtual means.

Assignment of benefit of contractual rights. Assignments of intellectual property rights. Execution of deeds: Land Registry requirements. Option 1: Counterparts signed by each party deeds, real estate contracts, guarantees and simple contracts. Option 2: print off and sign signature page from final document guarantees not executed as deeds and simple contracts. Option 3: pre-signed signature pages collected before documents are finalised guarantees and simple contracts.

Deeds, real estate contracts, guarantees and simple contracts. Law Commission review of electronic execution of documents. Government response to Law Commission report. Practical Law.

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Liability before Effective Date. counterparts. Each counterpart constitutes the deed of each Party who has executed and delivered that.

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